Glass Garden Totems and Flowers

While the rest of the country is digging out from snow and ice, the temperature here in NC was 70 degrees yesterday.  The warm weather makes me want to get outside and start working in the garden and flower beds.

This year, I’m planning on making glass garden totems and plate flowers for my garden.  I think they are a wonderful way to add interest and whimsy to your garden and a great way to repurpose old glassware.  Some garden totems even have a bowl on the top to make a little bird bath!

If you don’t have time to make your own, you can buy one of these on Etsy.

Garden totem, Etsy seller GardenandCrafts

Garden totem, Etsy seller PollysYardArt

Garden totem, Etsy seller MetamorphosisSuite


Garden flower, Etsy seller PollysYardArt

Garden flower, Etsy seller ZellasGarden

5 thoughts on “Glass Garden Totems and Flowers”

    1. Hello Vanessa. Thanks so much for the comment and support of Looking At Glass blog. I’m sorry for the confusion, but I did not make the glass totems. You can check with the artists that made the totems or search the internet for “how to make glass garden totems” for how-to instructions.

  1. I’m looking for a book on how to make glass garden art, or a book of pictures of glass totem and flowers. Any ideas or do you sell this item?

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