Repurposed Glass

Today I am looking at repurposed glass.

photo via
photo via
photo via

For a tutorial on making photo jars, click here.

photo via

For a tutorial on making the bottle top planters, click here.

Remember the garden totems?

Whew, it’s Friday…

This weekend I hope you can relax with a good friend.  

It will make you smile.

I’ll see you back here next week.


2 thoughts on “Repurposed Glass”

  1. Do you ever see a picture and sigh* and say to your self…. “feels like home”? All these pictures do that for me…. even down to the wacky mason jar picture frames…how clever (but still tacky!), my husband never could understand why I like drinking out of old peanut butter and jelly jars lol! I am so going to do that chalk board glass door… too cute!

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