Pict Optical Glass Block System

Today I am looking at the Pict glass block system by Fred & Fred.

Pict by Fred &Fred
Pict by Fred &Fred

PICT® is a module system of partitions made of optical glass which incorporates 16 lenses and a frosted glass screen. It lights and brightens space without use of external energy. By passing through the lenses the light projects inverted images on the frosted glass screen.

The FRED & FRED company was born of a symbiosis of two passions, photography and design, that have never ceased to come together over the years of collective research carried out by the two creators.

Frédéric GERVAIS, student of the Estienne School (Paris), then at the Beaux Arts in Paris in the Photography section, is an artistic director with the Publicis group. His research within the world of the image using multi-lens cameras, of ephemeral and changing images took him to animated images and lead him to the essence of the first product PICT®.

Frédéric REMAUD, after having finished at the Olivier de Serres school (Paris), the Paris Val de Marne School of Architecture and finally the Cambre (Brussels), is an Industrial Designer, and works for Doublet. There he has proved himself in creating, notably, the furniture for the Les Invalides army museum for example. He is the originator of the concrete form of PICT®.

Monday Inspiration Challenge

Here was the inspiration photo from last week:

Kenny Be Fence

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Here is the inspiration photo for this week:

Wolf Art Glass Pendants

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