Blogger’s Holiday

I’m calling for a blogger’s holiday, today.  I’ve come down with a case of the sniffles and the only thing I can think about this morning is going back to bed! 

In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Awning or Canopy

Originally published October 27, 2010

Today I am admiring glass awnings and canopies.  Do you know the difference between a canopy and an awning?  Me neither.

After exhaustive internet research, here is the closest explanation that I can give.  Typically, an awning is attached to a building or house without any support columns.  A canopy, on the other hand, utilizes columns to support all or a portion of its weight.

Got it?  Here is a short quiz.  Identify each photo as:

a.) awning


b.) canopy

Photo #1:

Photo #2:

Photo #3:

Photo #4:

Photo #5:

Photo #6:


Photo #1=a.)canopy

Photo #2=b.)canopy

Photo #3=This one is tricky, I’m going with a.)awning.

Photo #4=a.)awning

Photo #5=b.)canopy

Photo #6=b.)canopy

If you said canopy for photo 3, I will accept that answer.  It is hard to tell from the photo but, it looks to me that the cover is attached without any support columns.  It is difficult because the entrance of the structure looks like support columns.   How confusing!  Let’s face it, I’m no expert.  I hope you scored 100% correct.

photo #1 via Film North Florida

photo #2 via Contemporary Art Holdings

photo #3 via Fotopedia

photos 4,5, and 6 via Ironart of Bath

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