Diamond Jubilee Stained Glass

Today I am looking at Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Stained Glass window.   The Diamond Jubilee window was unveiled as part of the presentation of addresses by both Houses of Parliament to the Queen on March 20, 2012 in Westminster Hall.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee window. Photo via www.reyntiensglassstudio.com

The Diamond Jubilee window consists of up to 1,500 pieces, and takes its inspiration from the seventeenth century heraldic art and this country’s long tradition of stained glass. The design process involved looking at heraldic art in other media, particularly woodcarving, in order to provide the three dimensional quality and the liveliness that the artist desired.


John Reyntiens is the glass artist commissioned to design and create the window.

Glass Artist John Reyntians, photo via metro.co.uk

John Reyntiens is a second-generation glass artist whose experience is reflected in the depth and subtlety of his design work. For nearly twenty years John has enjoyed working with a range of user groups, architects, and clients including Her Majesty the Queen and Versace, to produce unique solutions to meet each project’s specific requirements.

Having trained in fine and decorative arts, John follows his father, Patrick Reyntiens, in working in a painterly fine art tradition. Employing a combination of established techniques and new technologies, John’s art embraces the best of tradition and innovation.


For a more detailed account of the window and ceremony, CLICK HERE.

To watch a video clip, CLICK HERE.

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