DIY Crafty Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Today I am looking at DIY crafty Thanksgiving table decorations.

I am counting down the days to the yummiest day of the year.  Thanksgiving.

Contrary to what you hear (or see on television) Thanksgiving is not about saving money on gifts.   Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and being thankful for all the wonderful people and events in your life.  I think that celebrating Thanksgiving is becoming a lost art.

I remember Thanksgiving from my childhood and it was a special day.  It was all of the thoughtful details that made the day special.  We used actual tablecloths and cloth napkins.  We used special silverware and china that was brought out and put on the table only on holidays.  We ate foods that we didn’t normally eat.  It took the whole day to make the meal.  Thanksgiving was a special event.

This year, why don’t you try to keep Thanksgiving the special day that it was meant to be?  Have you thought about what you will do to decorate your table?  Adding a centerpiece or table decoration is easy.  You can even get your kids to help you!  Here are a few DIY crafty ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table.

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