2013 Holiday Windows

Today I am looking at Holiday Windows.

Hello fellow glass lovers.  Yes, I am still here.  If you have been looking for me I have been on Pinterest the past few weeks.  I have been very busy this month and microblogging has been a very easy way for me to keep looking at glass in quick bursts of sharing.  I hope you have been following my Pinterest boards to see what I am looking at on a daily basis.

If you have followed this blog for a year or more you know that I love holiday windows.  I think that they are magical.  The child in me loves the story and make-believe worlds that they create.  The technical side of me is fascinated by the mechanics and artistry in creating the scenes.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  Believe in magic and fine artistry.  Celebrate all of your good fortune for 2013 and join me on Pinterest for 2014!

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