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Hot Employment Opportunity!

College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan is looking to fill a full-time glass faculty position.  Despite what the media portrays, Detroit is a pretty great place to be right now. The studio and hot shop had a million dollar upgrade three years ago; it’s lush. This candidate should have the following attributes…

  • Demonstrates an expertise in glass blowing and variety of glass processes.
  • Inquisitive to explore / or currently integrates technology into craft processes.
  • Is passionate about maintaining an active studio practice.
  • Have an MFA and teaching experience.
  • Is enthusiastic, a problem solver, and a creative professional.

The official job posting is can be found here. Applicants should contact HR ( to apply.

Need A Home Office? No Problem.

Today I am looking at a home office space defined by clear glass walls.

I had no problem choosing my favorite Today I Am Looking At… post this week.

This all clear glass office is a wonderfully creative space solution by Axis Mundi Design LLC

Grand Army Plaza, Axis Mundi Design

Grand Army Plaza, Axis Mundi Design

Brooklyn, NY: Axis Mundi was commissioned to design the interior or a three-bedroom (2200 sq. ft.) apartment in Richard Meier’s building at 1 Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.  The apartment has spectacular views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

I just love this simple and modern solution.   The all glass walls give the occupant privacy but, does not cut them off from the rest of the home.

This would also be a great homework space for a child.  They can have a quiet, private space to do their homework  but, Mom and Dad can keep an eye on their activities.  Clever!

Design Team:  John Beckmann, Richard Rosenblum, and Nick Messerlian

©Axis Mundi Design LLC



Daredevil Blogging – Part 2

Today, as part of my Daredevil blogging series, I am taking a look at a free WordPress plugin, WP Screenshot.

Do you have a WordPress blog or e-commerce business website? This plugin is a handy tool for showing a screenshot of any web page.  Perhaps, you were recently mentioned in a local newspaper or industry website and you would like to share it with your readers.  Or, you need a screenshot to help you explain a concept to your readers.  Use WP Screenshot to capture that page and include it in your blog or business website.

After downloading the plugin from the WordPress website,

or from the developer’s website,

simply add the plugin to your WordPress install. Next, add the shortcode to your page or blog post. The shortcode includes the size of the screenshot and the web address. I super-duper customized my page by adding a link to the shortcode.  Click on any screenshot on this page and you will be linked to the webpage in the screenshot.  Nifty!

Unfortunately, this plugin will not work for what I am trying to accomplish on the Looking At Glass blog.

I think that it didn’t capture the whole page because of the fluid nature of the page.  Never fear, I will continue my search for just the right plugin addition.

That Aha! Moment

Trying this plugin and finding my way through the new WordPress website, plugins, and e-commerce, I had an Aha!moment.  Why not write about technology and how to use it in your glass business?  Hopefully, it will be interesting and educational and won’t bore you to death.

I must admit, that this new area of exploration has given me a new sense of purpose. Just what I needed.   Next week, I will write a blog post about glass and then one more blog post about some form of technology for your glass blog and/or your e-commerce website.

If you have any ideas, questions, or products that you think might be interesting to cover in future blog posts, just send me an email or leave me a comment and I will be happy to consider your recommendations.

Looking Back At High Point Market-Spring 2014

I had a fantastic week.   How about you?

High Point Market was crazy-busy and very enjoyable. I stopped by all of my High Point favorites and found a few new companies to keep a watch on. That is exactly as it should be – a mix of old and new.  Here are a few of my favorite finds from High Point Market Spring 2014:

Chroma-tique Vase, Viz Glass (

Chroma-tique vases, Viz Glass (

Table Lamp, Viz Glass (

Antique Mirror at Mirror-tique (

Side Step Glass Dancer, Global Views (

Theresa A. Seidel, TAS Designs (

Edison Table Lamp, Kenroy Home (

Pumping Iron, Global Views (

Lab Decanters, Studio A (

Pivot Object, SkLO (

By far, hands down, my most favorite find was the game tables shown by BD Collection. The jaw-dropping, all-glass, ping-pong table stopped me in my tracks (the people walking behind me were not too happy about that).  And truth be told, I probably uttered a word not meant for innocent ears.  Seeing this ping-pong table in person was simply amazing.

This was my favorite new find at #hpmkt Ping-pong Table Made of Glass Calma e Gesso,

This was my favorite new find at #hpmkt Ping-pong Table Made of Glass Calma e Gesso,

BD Collection also offers Calma e Gesso glass Pool Tables…

Calma e Gesso Glass Pool Table available from BD Collection

Calma e Gesso Glass Pool Table available from BD Collection

… and many Teckell glass Foosball tables.

Teckell glass game table offered by BD Collection

Teckell glass game table offered by BD Collection

As always the southern hospitality at High Point was perfect.  I am already looking forward to Fall Market!

I’ll be back tomorrow to do the next attempt at daredevil blogging! I’ve got a new option to try out and I’m feeling brave!

Daredevil Blogging aka Posting A Page

I know that you think that I have turned into a complete and total slacker….not true.  I have been working away, out of sight, to keep improving the Looking At Glass website.

If you haven’t visited lately, then you have missed the new Today I am looking at… page.  This page is the new main page for the Looking At Glass website and is updated throughout the day “Live” with all of the microblogging (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that I do during the day.  If you don’t keep an eye on this page, you are missing a bunch of amazing glass.

I have been spending most of my time, lately, trying to find a way of sending a regular update on what has appeared on the Today I am looking at… page for those of you that would prefer to just get an email from me.

Here is the catch.  If you are an email subscriber or have an RSS link, you will only be notified if there is a new “post”  and not for ”page” updates.  Confused?  You aren’t the only one.

Sooooo, I am using this blog “post” as a test to see if I can capture the “live” activity from the Today I am looking at… page and include it in a blog post with an email update.

What can I say, I like living life dangerously without a net!  Unless, if it involves actual physical pain and then I am a big scaredycat :-)

To test this nifty idea, I am have included in this blog post what I looked at yesterday to see what will appear in The Looking At Glass subscriber emails.

The problem with this method is that I am guessing that tomorrow the blog post will have changed to show what I have posted today and not a permanent snapshot of the page.

Don’t worry, if it happens I have a plan “B” that I will try next.  I’ll keep trying.  I never give up until I get what I want!

[yep, moving on to plan B].  I will be back soon with another attempt at daredevil blogging.


21st Annual Scent Bottle Invitational Held At Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass


I hope that by now you have visited our new and improved Looking At Glass website.  If you missed our announcement, you can learn about our new site here, Welcome to the New and Improved Looking At Glass.

I’m loving the new website (  I like that the site is updated with pins, tweets, and Facebook updates all day long.  If you don’t want to miss what I am looking at, come back often to the site, bookmark the page, or set up a RSS feed!

I am updating the Looking At Glass traditional style blog less frequent and I am using it for information and events that warrant a more detailed look.   The exciting Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass 21st Annual Scent Bottle Invitational is exactly the kind of event that needs to be shared in this blog!

Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass is hosting their 21st Annual Scent Bottle Invitational which will feature perfume bottles created by over 60 contemporary glass artists.  Whether your taste ranges from whimsical to contemporary, natural forms to geometric shapes – there will be pieces that will take your breath away.

These elegant pieces beg to be touched, turned, cherished and of course, filled with perfume.

The show opens on February 1st and the exhibit will continue through March 1st.

Located at 5100 Belt Line Road Suite 820, Dallas, TX.


Welcome To The New Looking At Glass



I apologize for the delay in posting over the past month (or two!)  I took a long break to do a major redesign of the Looking At Glass blog.  I envisioned this new site almost a year ago and it has finally come to life.  I can’t tell you how happy thrilled bursting with pride I am with the new site.

So, what’s new with the site?

Well, for starters, the main page of the site is the new microblogging page.  This is the page that will be updated on a daily basis.  You will notice that the new main page will show entries from Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook all on one page.  You can filter each type of post by clicking on the icon right under the Today I Am Looking At Title.  Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, the Looking At Glass blog posts are all still here and will continue to be updated when I feel inspired and have a few minutes to let you know what is on my mind.  I’ve got a few ideas on how to use this page in the future but, for now, enjoy the full history of Looking At Glass.  The blog page can be access via the Blog Posts menu option.


We are living in a rapidly changing virtual environment.  Change is important and not always easy.  And, just like the government, we might have a few hiccups going “live”.  I hope it doesn’t happen but, if it does, I will ask for your understanding and patience.  If you experience any issues with the site, I would like to hear from you.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I hope you will enjoy the new Looking At Glass as much as I do.






I am ready for 2014. How about you?

My focus this year is on my time management skills.

Mantra: Spend your time wisely and you will achieve.


I always seem to have more work to do than available time. 

2013 was a very successful year for The Glass Market and I find that the business requires more and more of my time.  That is a very good thing.  In spending more time working on The Glass Market business, I have less and less time to write this blog.  I hope that you are following all of my pins on the microblogging site, Pinterest.  If not, please join me on Pinterest (click here to go to my boards).

Right now, I am exploring a number of options that will allow me to keep this blog going in a timely and efficient manner. I miss sharing ALL of the amazing and inspiring glass projects and products with you here at Looking At Glass.  It is time to take the next step forward.  Therefore…


I will be back with you soon with a NEW and IMPROVED Looking At Glass!

2013 Holiday Windows

Today I am looking at Holiday Windows.

Hello fellow glass lovers.  Yes, I am still here.  If you have been looking for me I have been on Pinterest the past few weeks.  I have been very busy this month and microblogging has been a very easy way for me to keep looking at glass in quick bursts of sharing.  I hope you have been following my Pinterest boards to see what I am looking at on a daily basis.

If you have followed this blog for a year or more you know that I love holiday windows.  I think that they are magical.  The child in me loves the story and make-believe worlds that they create.  The technical side of me is fascinated by the mechanics and artistry in creating the scenes.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  Believe in magic and fine artistry.  Celebrate all of your good fortune for 2013 and join me on Pinterest for 2014!

Pinterest Holiday Board

This time of year we are all busy.  I think it is interesting that while mother nature slows down for a long winters nap, we humans all seem to go into hyperdrive.

A few years ago, I created a GlassChat Holiday Party Pinterest Board.  Every year I enjoy adding pins to the board.  The board is full of beautiful and silly holiday items.  It always makes me smile.  I invite you to take a look and enjoy the pins.  Just click on the link above or click on the photo below to go to the board.


And speaking of very busy, I have decided that between now and the New Year, I will be using Pinterest every day to look at glass.  Microblogging just seems to fit my schedule right now.  I will be publishing this blog once a week to feature my favorite pins from the week.  I’m always open to new ways of sharing beautiful glass and I think this time of year is a great time to try something new.  Let’s see how this little experiment works.




Today I am looking at nativity scenes.

A nativity scene or crèche (/kreɪʃ/; also known as a manger scene, or crib) is the special exhibition, particularly during the Christmas season, of art objects representing the scene of the birth of Jesus.



I had a difficult finding the artist for this scene.  I did find a blue version by Jose Pinpinco at NOVICA


Stained Glass Russian Doll (Matryoshka) Nativity Set designed by Flora Jamieson of The Round Window


World To Home


A Stained Glass Nativity Scene, Christmas Pendant, Postage stamp jewellery/jewelry by Curious Tuesday on Etsy.

The Jayne House

Today I am looking the Jayne House in Philadelphia, Pa.

I found this beautiful house restoration on, yesterday.  I love the skylight.

The Jayne House (Frank Furness, 1895)
With its intriguing and idiosyncratic terracotta façade, the unique power and vision of Frank Furness is immediately evident. Every square inch of the house was studied by architectural archaeologists and historians who joined the design team to restore this astonishing structure to its original use as a family residence of inimitable character. Custom sconces blend with period lighting fixtures, 19th Century antiques blend with original built-ins and a scenic mural based on English country house precedents supports the astonishing 400 square foot leaded glass skylight.





Woohoo! If you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I know that you are looking forward to a 4 day weekend.  I am planning on eating lots of great food and spending time with my family.

This lady doesn’t look like she is going to hurt this turkey.  She looks at him like he is a pet.  I certainly hope so for his sake.


I have so many things to be grateful for this year!  I hope you do, too.


Enjoy the long weekend, relax, and be thankful.

I will see you back here on Monday!


Holiday Gift Ideas For The Animal Lover

Today I am looking at Holiday gift ideas for the animal lover.

Holiday Gift Ideas #5

DIY Crafty Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Today I am looking at DIY crafty Thanksgiving table decorations.

I am counting down the days to the yummiest day of the year.  Thanksgiving.

Contrary to what you hear (or see on television) Thanksgiving is not about saving money on gifts.   Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and being thankful for all the wonderful people and events in your life.  I think that celebrating Thanksgiving is becoming a lost art.

I remember Thanksgiving from my childhood and it was a special day.  It was all of the thoughtful details that made the day special.  We used actual tablecloths and cloth napkins.  We used special silverware and china that was brought out and put on the table only on holidays.  We ate foods that we didn’t normally eat.  It took the whole day to make the meal.  Thanksgiving was a special event.

This year, why don’t you try to keep Thanksgiving the special day that it was meant to be?  Have you thought about what you will do to decorate your table?  Adding a centerpiece or table decoration is easy.  You can even get your kids to help you!  Here are a few DIY crafty ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving table.

All photos are from

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Plant Lover

Today I am looking at a holiday gift ideas for the plant lover.

Holiday Gift Ideas #4

A large terrarium

A large terrarium by New York Landcaper, Paula Hayes

A large terrarium by New York Landscaper, Paula Hayes

A small terrarium


Small Cup Terrarium

A crafty terrarium


The Slug and Squirrel Terrariums

Hanging Outdoor Glass

Upcycled Outdoor Mobile by

Upcycled Outdoor Mobile by

A New Garden Gate

Garden Gate

Garden Gate

Garden Sculptures

Upcycled Garden Spinner

Upcycled Garden Spinner


Bottle Tree

Outdoor Planters


TALK about frustrating! I have a case of laryngitis.  If you know me, then you know how much I love to talk.


Have a great weekend.  Why don’t you talk to a friend, sing a song, or recite a poem or short story out loud this weekend?  Vocalize your thoughts and wishes.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


Ettore Sottsass Chandelier

Today I am looking at a chandelier by Ettore Sottsass.

I took a few minutes yesterday to look at the auction catalog for Wright’s upcoming December Design sale on December 12, 2013.  This sale brings together the most notable designs of the past century. Wright’s December Design sale focuses on rare commissioned forms, works produced in small editions and works of historical importance.

This chandelier (Lot 250) by Ettore Sottsass looks fabulous.  According to Wikipedia, Ettore Sottsass was an Italian architect and designer of the late 20th century. His body of designs included furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting and office machine design.  Count me as a new Ettore Sottsass admirer.

Chandelier, Ettore Sottsass

Chandelier, Ettore Sottsass

Chandelier, Ettore Sottsass

Chandelier, Ettore Sottsass

Italy , 1985
glass, enameled steel, aluminum
15.75 dia x 30 h inches

Signed with incised manufacturer’s mark to one element: [Venini 85]

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Book Lover

Today I am looking at holiday gift ideas for the book lover.

Holiday Gift Ideas #3

Glass Book Page Holder

Glass Book Page Holder,

Glass Book Page Holder,

Glass Book Page Holder,

Glass Book Page Holder,

Glass Bookends

Poor Eyesight Helpers

"The Ferryman". Reading + Research Lamp, Art Donovan

“The Ferryman”. Reading + Research Lamp, Art Donovan

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Magnifying Glass by Sigvard Bernadotte, No. 273, 1stDibs

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Magnifying Glass by Sigvard Bernadotte, No. 273, 1stDibs

Steampunk Anthropologist Goggles With Magnifying Glasses ,

Steampunk Anthropologist Goggles With Magnifying Glasses ,


Reading Lamp,

Reading Lamp,

The Ultimate

Noa glass bathtub (or water lounge) for Hoesch

Noa glass bathtub (or water lounge) for Hoesch


Today I am looking at a recently completed large scale glass project by architectural glass artist, Sarah Galloway.

Sarah Galloway has just completed “Revelation” for St. John, a Victorian Church in Silverdale, Lancashire, UK.

Revelation, St. Johns Silverton, Sarah Galloway

Revelation, St. John, Silverdale, Lancashire, UK, Sarah Galloway

“Created for the Grade 2 listed church built in 1856,  “Revelation” has crystal like qualities, incorporating deep sandblasting in the 15mm toughened low iron glass.  The work takes as its theme biblical references to the “river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and either side of the river, the tree of life”.  The contemporary brushed stainless steel fixings support the glass which has been designed to frame the west window behind”

Note: England and Wales, listed buildings are classified in three grades:

  • Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important. Just 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I.
  • Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest. 5.5% of listed buildings are Grade II*.
  • Grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest. 92% of all listed buildings are in this class and it is the most  likely grade of listing for a private residential building.

Zama Table

Today I am looking at Zama Table by Emma Peascod.

I love this gilded side table.  I found Emma Peascod‘s work on Pinterest and followed the link to her website to learn more about her work.  I fell in love with the Zama Table.  This glass top table works well with the new metals interior trend.

Side table with verre églomisé glass top in Zama (gold, copper & silver) and aged brass base

Side table with verre églomisé glass top in Zama (gold, copper & silver) and aged brass base

London-based EMMA PEASCOD develops innovative processes combining traditional verre églomisé techniques with fine Japanese papers to create a new style of contemporary decorative finishes for high-end commercial and residential spaces.


This week I put on my big girl work clothes…


and I worked very hard and focused to get my…


It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  I was BLOWN away by how much work I needed to get done.  Everything started out all organized and then the next thing I knew, everything got a little SCATTERED all over the place.

In the end, it all came together and my week was very productive.

I hope you have a fun weekend.  Stick close to your family and friends.

I will see you back here on Monday.