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Achoo.  I am calling a bloggers holiday today.  Achoo

In the meantime, here is a timely post from October 29, 2010 that you might have missed.


The Palo Alto Arts Center 17th Annual Great Glass Pumpkin Patch SALE
Saturday, September 30-Sunday, October 1, 2012
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Rinconada Park, 777 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA

Fall Is In The Air

Before I get started, I want to share a few pictures of my gate arbor.  Around my house, the leaves are changing color and in some cases, falling off of the trees.  Fall is in the air.  I’ve been watching the morning glories on the arbor in bloom.  The weather service is predicting a frost for this weekend and I’m afraid that will be the end of the blooms for this year.  These pictures have nothing to do with looking at glass.  I will get to that in a minute.  I just couldn’t resist sharing their color with you first.

Okay, let’s discuss glass…

Don’t you hate it when you find out about a great event after it has taken place?  Each year, the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch event is held at the Palo Alto Arts Center in Palo Alto, California.   Thanks to Dutchbaby’s blog post from October 23, 2010, I found out about this event.  Over 30 glass artisans displayed 8,000 hand-blown pumpkins.  I am disappointed that I didn’t know about this event sooner.  You can be sure I will be watching the Art Center’s website for next year’s event dates.  Here are a few pictures from this year’s event.

photos by Dutchbaby

Aren’t the pumpkins spectacular?  Definitely go on over to Dutchbaby’s blog for more pictures and information about the event.

The only thing that would make my gate arbor look better than it did this year would be a few colorful glass pumpkins to go with it next year!

Moved by a Mirror

I wish I had a surveillance vanity mirror in my bathroom.  Or, wouldn’t this make a great retail dressing room mirror?  I find this art installation very “moving.”

MIRROR presented by Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (NY) at the Scope-Miami art fair, Miami, USA, 2007 (documentation credits: Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery)

MIRROR (2007) is a surveillance vanity mirror that detects presence and follows a detected person so that her face is always in its center. This mirror is no longer a static piece of reflective glass where you can see your image, but an interactive eye that is following you. MIRROR is a self-contained work, entirely plug-and-play.

MIRROR Miami 2007 from Marie Sester on Vimeo.

Here is more video about the project:

 Studio Demonstration by Perry Hoberman,who developed the final software & electronics design for MIRROR, NY, October 2007. Full version. Documentation: Perry Hoberman

MIRROR Studio demo 2007 from Marie Sester on Vimeo.

Bilbao’s Abando Station

Today I am looking at the stained glass of Bilbao’s Abando train station.

Estacion de Abando Indalecio Prieto, also known as Bilbao-Abando and locally named as Estacion del Norte is the main and most important train station of Bilbao. A beautiful stained-glass mural overlooks the main hall of Bilbao’s Abando train station.  The stained glass at the atrium shows all the economic activities in Vizcaya.

Estacion Abando Indalecio Prieto, Bilbao

Estacion Abando Indalecio Prieto, Bilbao

Estacion Abando Indalecio Prieto, Bilbao

The artistic stained glass, designed by the painter Caspar Montes Iturrioz, was made by the Union of Glazier Artists of Irun in 1948.

This video will give you a glimpse of the window and a feel for it’s location in the station:

If you can’t see the video, CLICK HERE

Here is another good look at the window:

If you can’t see the video, CLICK HERE

One last video view to show the window in detail:

If you can’t see the video, CLICK HERE

Using Clear Glass for Art (and marketing)

Today I am looking at how to use clear glass for artistic expression (psst…and creative marketing).

Whoever said that clear glass is not artistic did not own a window shade and projector!  This video shows what Russian telecommunications company, Rostelecom, does with their Russian Tour glass cube store at night.  The great video show is the creation of Sila Sveta.

UPDATE:  I just found out that the sound does not play on the blog. If you want to hear the soundtrack with the video, click on the link below the screen to go to the Vimeo site version.

Rostelecom Cube by SilaSveta (Russian Tour) from SilaSveta on Vimeo.

I want my own glass cube so I can stage wildly creative video shows at night!

Chincoteague Hall

Today I am welcoming guest blogger, Jacob Robinson of Classic Glass, Inc..

I recently started reading the Classic Glass blog and fell in love with the beautiful triptych that Classic Glass created for Chincoteague Hall at the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland.  I asked Jacob if he allow me to re-blog his original publication and he graciously agreed.

Printed Glass Triptych – UMD – Chincoteague Hall

Chincoteague Hall in College Park, MD

How do you take a 20×16 inch multi-layered ink drawing on semi-transparent vellum paper and turn it into an 8×7 foot glass art triptych? Classic Glass undertook this challenge and produced an impressive printed glass triptych that serves as the finishing touch on the $7 million renovation of the University of Maryland’s Chincoteague Hall in College Park, Maryland.

The original art of Ruth Bowler titled “Overlap”

Beginning in July 2010, the university’s project manager, architect Mary Ossi oversaw the 22,648-square foot renovation of Chincoteague Hall. The university chose to feature a former student’s original artwork, Ruth Bowler’s “Overlap,” which received first prize for two dimensional art in the 2002 Sadat Art for Peace Competition. In describing her piece, Bowler explains, “When I think of peace, I am unconsciously drawn to a distinct space. I call this space overlap. It is the moment after we realize each other’s differences and the moment before we decide what to do with them. In this fluid, negotiable space, the possibility of peace exists.”

Printed Glass Triptych on 6 individual panels

Classic Glass’s challenge began with determining how to best capture the spirit of Bowler’s art while accurately depicting the semi-transparent piece against a stone wall backdrop. Over several months, a variety of samples were developed and taken to Chincoteague Hall as Classic Glass moved closer to an optimal solution. Original plans to etch the design proved ineffective in creating enough contrast to the stone wall. Carving the glass and infilling the design with paint also proved to be impractical as the complexity of the layered elements and interacting lines could not be achieved in a “clean” manner. Finally, because of the precise control of the technique, Classic Glass determined that glass printing would create a high visual impact and provide the needed contrast to the stone backdrop. By directly printing on glass, the striking look and feel of Bowler’s original art was realized.

Detail of Printed Glass Triptych

With glass printing as the chosen technique, Classic Glass designer Jacob Robison moved on to the challenge of recreating and enlarging Bowler’s artwork. Using advanced vector software, Robison meticulously recreated a precise high resolution version of the original ink design. Three double-paneled pieces of glass were selected to build the glass triptych. The art was then printed on the front and back surfaces of each sandwiched panel excluding the front lobby surface. This functional approach provides a smooth front surface and protects the ink from curious fingers. White ink was printed as a transparency on the glass to successfully recreate the overlay effect of the original vellum.

Routed Acrylic Plaques lining the hallway of Chincoteague Hall

Today, Egypt’s former President Anwar Sadat’s quests for peace greets visitors to Chincoteague Hall in the form of Classic Glass’s stunning representation of Bowler’s award-winning art. The newly-renovated hall will house the offices of the Baha’i Chair for World Peace, along with the university’s Sadat Chair for Peace and Development, and the George and Lisa Zakhem Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace.

New Glass Tile Mural

Today I am looking at the new Paris glass tile mural that has been added to the City Scenes Glass Art series by Architectural Art Tile.

Paris, City Scenes in Glass Art, Architectural Art Tile

Our newest photo on tiles depicts the Eiffel tower, one of the most famous architectural structures in the world.

The mural is 18″x24″ in total size.

This mural is made up twelve individual 6″ glass tiles. Colors are black and white.

- Architectural Art Tile

oui, s’il vous plaît!

Artist Ed Carpenter

Today I am looking at artist Ed Carpenter.

Ed Carpenter is an artist specializing in large-scale public installations ranging from architectural sculpture to infrastructure design.

Redmond City Hall Campus sculpture, Silver Thaw,  by Ed Carpenter

Working internationally from his studio in Portland, Oregon, USA, Carpenter collaborates with a variety of expert consultants, sub-contractors, and studio assistants. He personally oversees every step of each commission, and installs them himself with a crew of long-time helpers, except in the case of the largest objects, such as bridges.

While an interest in light has been fundamental to virtually all of Carpenter’s work, he also embraces commissions that require new approaches and skills. This openness has led to increasing variety in his commissions and a wide range of sites and materials

Ed Carpenter website


I’ve had another whirlwind week.  I started off running on Monday and my feet never touched the ground.

photo via Pinterest

How about you?  I hope you had a busy week.  Go outside, enjoy beautiful nature and find inspiration this weekend!

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


Chandelier by Luke Jerram

Today I am looking at the solar powered kinetic glass Chandelier by Luke Jerram.   These solar powered kinetic chandeliers consist of dozens of glass radiometers, which shimmer and flicker as they turn in the sunlight. Altering their speed with the subtle changes in lighting conditions, the vanes of each radiometer speed up and slow down throughout the day.  The artworks have been created for exhibition at the Heller Gallery, NYC opening June 8th.

Chandelier, Luke Jerram

Chandeliers, Luke Jerram

Chandeliers, Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations, live arts projects and gifts. Living in the UK but working internationally since his career began in 1997, Jerram has created a number of extraordinary art projects which have excited and inspired people around the globe.

And, if you have seen Luke’s Glass Microbiology series, stop and take a look.

A big thank you to  Stephen Richard, author of Glass Tips, for sending me an email to tip me off about Luke’s work.


I get songs stuck in my head.  This week it has been Fix You by Coldplay.   Does this ever happen to you?

photo via Pinterest

Everybody wants to save the earth; nobody wants to help Mom with the dishes.

- P. J. O’Rourke

Live it up and do something out of the ordinary for someone else this weekend.  A small gesture can make a big difference.

Happy Mother’s Day and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


Monumenta 2012

Today I am Looking at Monumenta 2012 and these amazing glass huts by Daniel Buren.

Monumenta 2012, Daniel Buren, Photograph: Francois Mori/AP

Monumenta 2012, Photograph: Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

Monumenta 2012, Daniel Buren

MONUMENTA is an ambitious artistic encounter unmatched anywhere in the world, organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Each year MONUMENTA invites an internationally renowned contemporary artist to appropriate the 13,500 m² of the Grand Palais Nave with an artwork specially created for the event.

Monumenta 2012, Daniel Buren

Monumenta 2012, Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren is one of the most active and best-known artists on the international scene and his work has been presented in the world’s greatest institutions and in a wide variety of sites.

The installation will be open to the public on today through June 21, 2012.

Here are a few preparation photos those of you, who like me, like to see the process.

The preparation, Monumenta 2012

The preparation, Monumenta 2012

The preparation, Monumenta 2012

The preparation, Monumenta 2012

You can find more Monumenta 2012 preparation photos here.

photo 1 and 2 via The Guardian

all other photos via Monumenta 2012

Jacobean Fleur Tile Series by Sean Michael Felix

Today I am looking at glass artist, Sean Michael Felix of Illumination Art & Design.  I received an email last week suggesting that I check out the glass work of Sean Michael.  Sean Michael skillfully uses many techniques to create his glass art including; painted, carved, etched, and stained glass.

Sean Michael sells handmade tiles on his website and I am really drawn to his colorful Jacobean Fleur Tile Series.  Each tile is 6″x6″ Backprinted glass, with gold leaf highlights. Black satin metal frame, ready to hang.

Jacobean Fleur Tile #JF101, Sean Michael Felix, Illumination Art & Design

Jacobean Fleur Tile #JF102, Sean Michael Felix, Illumination Art & Design

Jacobean Fleur Tile #JF103, Sean Michael Felix, Illumination Art & Design

Jacobean Fleur Tile #JF104, Sean Michael Felix, Illumination Art & Design

Jacobean Fleur Tile #JF105, Sean Michael Felix, Illumination Art & Design

Contemporary Stained Glass Door Panels

Today I am looking at the adorable Spring & Autumn contemporary stained glass door panels made by UK glass artist, Flora Jamieson.  I have been a fan of Flora’s work for quite some time.

I read Flora’s blog, Through the Round Window,  yesterday and knew right away that I wanted to share.  It’s what I call a “gasp” moment.  It’s when your heart starts beating fast and you know that you are looking at perfection.

I asked Flora if I could share her story and she kindly agreed.  Here is the story of the door panels in Flora’s own words:

The doors lead to two girls’ bedrooms – the elder daughter was born in October and the younger daughter has a May birthday – hence the Autumn/Spring theme.
We discussed various options for the subject matter and in the end Lisa chose a couple of my existing designs which would be worked into full size panels.
I wanted the windows to look a bit like picture book illustrations (both girls had already chosen Quentin Blake fabric for their curtains) and the colours tie-in with those in the rooms.

Singing Bird, Spring, Contemporary Stained Glass Panel, Flora Jamieson

Acorn, Autumn, Contemporary Stained Glass Panel, Flora Jamieson

Singing Bird Stained Glass Panel In The Bedroom Door, Flora Jamieson

Acorn Stained Glass Panel In The Bedroom Door, Flora Jamieson

Singing Bird Door Panel Bedroom View, Flora Jamieson

Contemporary Stained Glass Door Panels For Both Bedrooms, Flora Jamieson

All I can say is those girls are SO LUCKY!  Congratulations Flora on a job well done.

UPDATE:  CLICK HERE to visit Flora’s Etsy shop:

Éclats de verre

Today I am looking at Éclats de verre by Atomic3.

Éclats de verre, ATOMIC3

Éclats de verre, ATOMIC3

I found this installation via ArchDaily.  Winner of the Créer l’hiver competition, Éclats de verre is one of three works that made up Luminothérapie 2012.  The goal of this event produced by the Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal is to beat the winter blues, using interactive light-based installations.

project info:
designers and creators: félix dagenais, louis-xavier gagnon-lebrun, and eric gautron of atomic3
producer: michel granger
collaborators: les ateliers numériques
interactive system: philippe jean
sound designer: jean-sébastien côté
video programming: alexis rivest
image display and processing system: vyv corporation

Picasso Paints on Glass

Today I am watching Pablo Picasso paint on glass!

Pablo Picasso painting on glass, Paul Haesaert’s short 1950 documentary, Visit to Picasso

The footage is part of Paul Haesaert’s short 1950 documentary, Visit to Picasso, which you can watch online in its entirety.  If you are interested in the full high resolution version, please visit http://docsonline.tv/?search=Visit%20to%20Picasso&type=title&docinfo=133

Herbert Tscherr Robitschko

Today I am looking at the amazing art, design, and craftsmanship of Herbert “Tscherr” Robitschko

This video by is a  first hand look at his unique painting technique on glass and canvas and his ‘Haute Couture” mosaic furniture creations. In this exclusive personal interview, Tscherr explains the development of his impressive art form, influenced by his many years working as an international interior designer.

This video not only shows amazing art and furniture, it describes the struggles that all creatives face everyday.

Herbert “Tscherr” Robitschko – Haute Couture for old furniture from El Pulpo on Vimeo.

Yoga Sun Salutation Mobile

Today I am looking at this adorable Sun Salutation glass mobile by glass artist, Leah Pellegrini.

Sun Salutation mobile, Leah Pellegrini

Sun Salutation mobile, Leah Pellegrini

Mobiles are a pleasure in my life.  In the morning when I do yoga, they circle the space above my head, dancing and making me smile.
As an emerging glass artist – I enjoy sharing my adventures in glass.

- Leah Pellegrini

If you love color, Leah also has colorful glass mobiles available in many different sizes.

Green Reeds mobile, Leah Pellegrini

Orange Glass Mobile - Circles, Leah Pellegrini

Blue and Green Circles, Leah Pellegrini

Dots mobile, Leah Pellegrini

You can see more of Leah’s work at her Etsy Shop, her website, and her blog!

How now?

Today, I am looking at a new and mooooving glass sculpture, How now?, by talented UK artist, Charlotte Hughes-Martin.

How now?, 2012, Charlotte Hughes-Martin

How now?, 2012, Charlotte Hughes-Martin

According to Charlotte, “It’s sand cast lead crystal and by far the heaviest thing I’ve ever made.”

I shared Charlotte’s work in a previous blog post when we looked at her glass milk bottles.  If you missed that blog post, CLICK HERE.  I highly recommend looking at Charlotte’s website and all of her work.  I love EVERYTHING she makes.  She has a real knack for seeing the details of her subject and then playfully incorporating those details into her pieces.

Roger Thomas Glass

Today I am looking at Portland, Oregon glass artist, Roger Thomas.

Tangled Wood, Opus 511, 2010 Glass, various sizes. Frame, 60 by 102 inches

Folded Postcard, Opus 504, 2010 Glass, 40 by 24 inches. Frame, 46 by 30 inches

Indian Summer, Opus 513, 2011 Glass, various sizes. Frame 34 by 72 inches

Wash Out, Opus 512, 2011 Glass, 16 by 10 inches. Frame 20 by 14 inches

Artist Roger Thomas visualizes the world through his glass landscapes. While he considers himself a painter, he has chosen to work in glass because he craves the challenges and depth the medium provides him. Originally from California, Thomas moved his studio north, to Portland, Oregon, two decades ago. He thrives in the region’s expansive array of native flora, drawing inspiration from the relationship between the natural world and the created environment.

-Roger Thomas website

Click the logo to see Roger on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat.

If you cannot connect via the logo CLICK HERE.

The Fifth Russian Triennale of Art Glass 2011

Today’s post is written by guest blogger, Helen Stolyarenko


Was held in Moscow, Russia, in November 2011 — January 2012.

Supported by Russian Federation Ministry of Culture

Location: All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts

This was a 15-th year celebration of this once-in-three-years event. The first one was held in 1995.

The main aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the latest art-glass works by more than 100 participants from Russia and its regions, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states, Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Great Britain. Those were both experienced and young artists.

They demonstrated their self-expression in glass: we could see far-away voyage romance, beauty of space, childhood memories, philosophical and bible themes, famous literature heroes, folklore motives and fantasy characters, nature motives, exotic flowers and birds and so on.

Those were interesting experiments, sometimes playful, sometimes serious, lots of associations and impressions, transformed in glass, you can see some of them here. Enjoy!

Yulia Merzlikina (Russia), 'From Outside', 2011

Ivo Lyll (Estonia), Object 'Lace', 2010

Aysyan Kann (China), 'Birds', 2009

Elena Esikova & K. Litvin (Russia), composition 'Eskadrille' (fragment), 2010

Elena Yaroshenko (Russia), 'Evolution', 2011

Galina Krivolapova (Russia), 'Noah's Ark', 2009

Remigius Krykas (Lithuania), Object 'Amber Salt', 2011

Irina Morgunova (Russia), 'Wave Crest', 2011

Alyona Malygina (Russia), 'Waterfall', 2011

Viktor Shevchenko (Russia), 'Object', 'Torso', 1991

Igor Tomskiy (Russia), Object 'Inside', 2010

Alexandr Ivanov (Russia), 'Old Village', 2004

Lyubov Savelyeva (Russia), 'Serious Talk About Education...', 2011

Alexandra Yarmolnik (Russia), 'Thoughts', 2011

Tatyana Andriyashina, 'Sea bottom', 2009

You can find more pictures here:


A Facebook page of the exposition coordinator of this show, Yulia Merzlikina:


Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks

Today I am looking at these nautical Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks by Marcela Rosemberg.

Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks, Marcela Rosemberg

Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks, Marcela Rosemberg

Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks, Marcela Rosemberg

Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks, Marcela Rosemberg

Ocean-Shabbat Candlesticks, Marcela Rosemberg

Dimensions: 4.7 ” H x  1.8″ W x 1.8″ D

Marcela Rosemberg’s handcrafted fused glass pieces are made on Prince Edward Island in Canada’s East Coast.

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and have been involved in various art forms all my life. Art has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

My love for glass began when I started experiencing the magic of fusing and kilnforming. I realized then that it was going to be my every day source of energy. “And it is!”

I combine my work as an artist with teaching and researching.

- Marcela Rosemberg

I like this Ocean-Menorah with 24 carat gold that Marcela makes, too!

Ocean-Menorah, Marcela Rosemberg

Dimensions: 32 cm x 14 cm


photo via Pinterest

I’ve been living like someone left the gate open this week!  I hope you did, too.

Take time this weekend to RUN WILD and I will see you back here on Monday.


Collection Chandeliers by Stuart Haygarth

Today I am looking at the quirky and fun chandelier lighting by London artist, Stuart Haygarth.

Spectacle (2006), Stuart Haygarth

Spectacle (2006), Stuart Haygarth

Optical (2007), Stuart Haygarth

Optical (2007), Stuart Haygarth

Magoo (2009), Stuart Haygarth

Magoo (2009), Stuart Haygarth

Starting in 2004 I have been working on design projects which revolve around the collections of objects. The objects are normally collected in large quantities categorized and assembled in a way that transforms their meaning. My work is about giving banal and overlooked objects a new significance. The finished piece of work takes various forms such as chandeliers, installations, functional and sculptural objects.

- Stuart Haygarth