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Don’t be conFused

Warning: Don’t be conFused, this blog post is not entirely about glass.

This may come as a shock to you…I read blogs that aren’t about glass.  I have always loved creativity and craft and enjoy so many blogs that inspire me to be more creative in my life.

Today I would like to share one of those blogs with you.  Tutto Bella is written by 3 adorable sisters; Jessica, Jenna, and Jodi.  Here is how Tre Sorelle (three sisters) describe their blog:

It’s our passion for all things beautiful (tutto bella) that we created this blog. We love weddings and believe true love lasts a lifetime. We believe fine stationery sets the tone for a party. We love catching up on the latest trends in fashion, colors and decor, while remaining true to the classics. We love babies. We love good photos, cocktails and a memorable party. And we believe the details, even the smallest detail, can make all the difference.

So why am I featuring Tutto Bella on a blog that is supposed to be about glass? watch this…

Peppermint candies ready to bake, photo via Tutto Bella & Jenna Walker Photographers
Baked peppermint candy tray, photo via Tutto Bella & Jenna Walker Photographers

Somewhere out there a fused glass artist just swooned!  When I read Tutto Bella’s blog post, DIY Serving Tray (Dec. 19, 2011), I couldn’t help but think of fused glass.  How clever, fused candy trays!

Peppermint candies ready to bake, photo via Tutto Bella & Jenna Walker Photographers
Baked peppermint candy tray, photo via Tutto Bella & Jenna Walker Photographers

I emailed Tre Sorelle to ask permission to feature their blog and use their photos.  Jessica emailed back giving permission and suggested that using a clear hard candy, like Jolly Ranchers, would make the trays look more glass-like.  I think Jessica has the makings of a fused glass artist inside of her!

Peppermint candy tray, photo via Tutto Bella by Jenna Walker Photographers

CLICK HERE to read the instructions on how to make these cute fused candy trays.

I see single and multi-stacked pieces of hard candy melting away in my oven.  Or even candy canes would fuse nicely!  Give this a try and then share your results with me.


photo via Pinterest

I wish all of you a very SWEET holiday weekend.  If you’ve got time, check out the GlassChat Holiday Party Pinterest board.  We’ve got lots of videos and photos to share.

I’ll see you back here on Monday,


Bella Glass Bowls and Platters

I am starting to look forward to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with my family.  In a about 12 days from now, we will be traveling to Baltimore, MD for Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to have the family together for a few days.  One of the fun things about Thanksgiving is dressing up the table and using just about every serving dish you own to put all of that yummy food on the table!   We always seem to have more food than bowls and platters to put it in!  Does this predicament sound familiar to you too?

This week, I spent a few hours at Clear-Vue Glass in Durham, NC.  Clear-Vue is getting a new website and asked me to help them out with this project.  If you are a business owner or manager, you know how hard it is to find the time to manage these additional projects and still run the day-to-day operations of a successful business.  I’m currently unemployed and have welcomed the opportunity to help Clear-Vue Glass out with this project.  I’ll let you know when the project is complete.  I think you are really going to like the look and features of the new website. 

In learning more about Clear-Vue Glass and the products and services they offer, I found out they now sell Bella Glass Platters.  I took a good look at the platters and bowls on display in their design center.  They looked beautiful and had a really good thickness and weight.  I think they would make a fantastic addition to any Thanksgiving table setting.  

Rectangular platters

Oval platters

Square platter


Bread Bowls – regular and deep

These platters and bowls not only look good, but are made with 3/8″ recycled cast glass.  They are good-looking, easy to clean, and have a substantial weight to them.  Bella Glass platters and bowls would look perfect on your Thanksgiving table.  

If you would like to buy Bella Glass platters or bowls, you can email Clear-Vue Glass at info@clearvueglass.com or call 919-682-5597.  

Pssst…these would also make great Birthday, Wedding, and Christmas gifts!