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Divide and Conquer

Today I am looking at this simple way of dividing a space to make a room where none existed before.

Bedroom photo via tumblr

This studio apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is housed in a building built in 1930.

Loft Space photo via Plante Deco

By adding the glass sliding door, a bedroom was created in an otherwise open space.  Notice the white curtains that can be drawn to add privacy.  This same method could be used to create a separate dining room or even an office space in an open plan.

A Panel Discussion

Today I am admiring Raumplus fixed and sliding panel system. 

According to Raumplus:

Our sliding door system is available as either a bottom-rolling system or top-hung Air System. The bottom mounted system can support a door of up to 360 lbs or up to 6’ wide x 10’ tall.

The top-hung Air System is ideal, if the floor plane can not be interrupted by a bottom track. The AIR doors can support a door of up to 130 lbs or up to 4’ wide x 9’ tall.

The aesthetics of the doors are created by selecting one of our (7) stile profiles and specifying a panel material. Sliding doors and fixed panels are available fully assembled from our factory or shipped as frame kits so your own custom panels can be incorporated on site.

Seriously folks, this is enough to make me consider removing all the non-load-bearing walls and doors from my house and replace them with Raumplus fixed and sliding panels!

Make sure you spend time with friends and family this weekend.  Have fun and I’ll see you next week.